Chimpanzee cub Rubin finds foster mom at Oklahoma City Zoo

mhyser September 30, 2012 1

Eight months ago, Rubin, a chimpanzee cub was born at the zoo Lowry Park Zoo (Florida, USA). Just a day after his birth, his mother Rukiya died from complications of the birth. The chimpanzees community, including his father, showed little interest in the new baby and he was essential shunned. The little chimp was taken in staff of the zoo. Rukiya had even served as a surrogate mother for other young motherless chimps and now it was time for the favor to be returned for one of her own. About 6 months after his mother’s death, Rubin was transferred to the Oklahoma City Zoo after he started to get to big to be hand raised and the zoo staff knew he needed to be with his own. Enjoy this great shots of Rubin alone and with his new mom Kito.

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  1. Augis October 1, 2012 at 7:23 am - Reply

    I bet I can see sadness and a lot of thoughts in his eyes.
    I think he is going to be a smart kid!

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