Sleepbox: Tiniest Airport Hotel

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Arch group sleepbox

If you have never been caught at an airport overnight you are a lucky person. There is nothing worse then trying to find a hotel close to the airport at the last minute and than trying to stomach the price for the couple hours before the first flight out the next morning. Trust me it is WAY better than sleep on the concrete floor (speaking from experience). We recently discovered a cool new invention that could solve this problem or any other time you are stuck without a place to relax or only need a couple hours of privacy. The SLEEPBOX, designed by the Arch Group, was developed to provide a peaceful escape where you can rest, relax, have a snack and get away from the crowd. For models inside businesses or airport, you can rent the unit for as little as $15 an hour. For the complete overnight hostel experience you can rent the unit for about $50 USD a night.n The sleepbox offers a great opportunity for airports, airlines and entrepreneurs to increase revenues, provide a great place for flyers to relax and create a brand within the airport.

The box measures 2.5 m (98″) x 1.6m (63″) by 2.5 m (98″) or 3 m (118″) high and comes in one, two or three bunk configurations. The unit provides electricity for lights and laptop/phone charging station and is capable of including additional features like: touch screens, TV’s, Wi-Fi, alarm, intercom, safe or even automated payment stations.

The first Sleepbox was installed at he Aeroexpress terminal of Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow on August 2011. It was the base unit but still attracted tons of interest from passengers. The company is hoping to have additional units at airports and in cities by the end of the year.

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Sleepbox hotel

Airport Tiniest Hotel

Sleepbox Privacy

Sleepbox Hotel

Sleepbox Mini Hotel Hostel

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